With GRASPSOLAR you get immediate savings. No upfront costs.

With a Solar Lease, you pay a fixed monthly amount based on your estimated energy production. We take care of system design, permitting, and paperwork, and provide a 20 year power warranty to ensure maximum savings. And you pay nothing upfront.The lease really made the modern residential solar market possible because it allowed customers to go solar with $0 down. GraspSolar would put up the system and sell solar tax incentives, like accelerated depreciation and the investment tax credit, that could amount to tens of thousands of dollars per system to investors like banks, making the lease possible.

Save from day 1. GraspSolar leases are comparable to, or less expensive than your current utility bill. Solar has really become a no-brainer for many homeowners. Protection from rising electricity prices. Leases provide protection against volatile electricity prices. Top tier electricity prices have increased about 5% on average every year for the last 30 years.

Solar Lease Options & Benefits
Full system maintenance for 20 years from the most reputable solar manufacturer in the business.

GRASPSOLAR is an authorized dealer of Sun Power, and when working with us and Sunpower, SunPower guarantees 95% productivity of your panels even after 20 years of usage!!

SunPower, the industry leader in solar, is a 25-year-old company with over $3 billion in net worth. SunPower will also maintain your system for 20 years. This gives you the peace of mind that your system is operational over the full term of the panels and saving you money for more than 20 years. You won’t have to worry about replacing the inverter in year 15, which most systems will need.

Guaranteed power production.

SunPower will pay you if the system doesn’t produce what the system is expected to. This means if your system is down you won’t lose power production.

System insured by manufacturer.

The system is installed through GRASPSOLAR but is additionally insured by SunPower, which protects your system and keeps it running longer.

SunPower has highest powered panels available on the market.

SunPower has the world record in power per square foot. This means our systems will produce more power on your roof than any other product on the market.

SunPower panels are the best-looking panels on the market.

SunPowers trendy looking panels can come in pure black, which looks discreetly professional and unobtrusive even when mounted to the front of your house. We can also follow roof lines with mock panels so your hipped roof looks balanced and optically maximized for clean and responsible solar production.

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